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DM-ing gets such a bad reputation and it’s because a lot of people are doing it wrong. I do believe that being SALESY in the DM’s is real. I want to avoid you going through that embarrassment and ICKKKK feeling and teach you how to communicate in a way that is genuine and authentic. 

You can’t deny that PEOPLE are the lifeblood of your business and if you can’t communicate with them in a way that feels good to you (and them), you’ll be waiting and waiting for clients to come to you. 

I want you GOING TO THEM!!! I want you to know how to create clients for yourself whenever you want. 

Once you learn my way of communicating with your followers, you can easily 2x your revenue, get on more sales calls, and build up your email list! 

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Stories have a brilliant way to build intimacy with your audience FAST. This 90-minute masterclass is perfect for the person who isn't sure what to post on their stories every day to attract their ideal clients and who wants to learn the many ways to sell on IG. It's time you figured out how to get your audience enrolling & booking those sales calls!

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Having a content strategy is an absolute must when you are building a business on social media. No more posting & praying. Learn my content framework that will have you making more money & getting those followers asking, "where can I sign-up?"!

$133 USD

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